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Additional Testimonials

  • Thanks, Dr. O for your sensitivity, consideration, and talent. My back and neck haven’t felt this good in years!
    - Tina P.
  • Great first visit, already feeling better!!
    - James S.
  • Fantastic practice, have been to many other chiropractors in different states and this is by far one of the best ever.
    - Andy W.
  • Everything has been great!  I feel very comfortable as every person there has been polite and helpful.
    -Katie F.
  • I feel so much better now. I have almost maximum flexibility in both my neck and knee. I am walking normally again. Thank You.
    - Michelle F.
  • Everyone was very friendly and very informative. I was amazed at how many services are offered and how helpful everyone was. Service was top notch.
    - Elaine K.
  • So happy I came here!
    -Deborah M.
  • Dr. Chris and his staff are very down to earth and so unassuming. I felt very comfortable in the environment. I am looking forward to getting better.
    - Tracey S.
  • Great overall experience! Very knowledgeable staff! Excited for my results!
    - Brian L.
  • Great experience, will be a loyal customer!
    - Tessa M.
  • You have helped me tremendously, I feel better now than I have in years. Thank you and I look forward to a continued relationship!
    -Michelle I.
  • Dr. Chris and the entire staff treated me great. This is the best experience going to a doctor that I’ve had in a very long time. Now I see why he’s so busy because he doesn’t rush he takes his time and explains until you understand. I am looking forward to my next visit, thank you everybody.
    -David Z.
  • I used to take 5 or 6 Advil a day for back pain and headaches… I don’t take any! Thank you for your excellent service!
    - Charles C.
  • Very professional and compassionate staff.
    -Gloria S.
  • Very relaxing and pleasant place! Loved Trish the massage was fantastic and the overall experience was very informational!
    - Renee P.


Enjoying Life Again

"I wish I would have found you years ago!! Dr Chris is a miracle worker!! I've had migraines for 20 years and missed out on so much. Now I can enjoy my life again since my migraines are gone!!!"

-Dawn S.

Great Job

"Dr. Chris has done a great job at helping me move forward in life pain-free with a herniated disc in my lower back. I was actually very skeptical at first being that I went with many other doctors treatments that didn't work"

-Christopher M.

Very Friendly Caring Staff

"Very friendly, caring staff. Very busy place but they call me by name and seem to recognize me every time. Their massage therapists are 5 stars out of 5 - the best in terms of technique as well as caring personalities. The front desk staff multitasks like superheroes!"

-Jennifer N.

Highly Recommend To All Chronic Orthopedic Pain Patient's

"Yes, after I got injured on my left knee while hiking in Yosemite in August 2015, I was in pain due to to a triggered Knee orthopedic arthritis per the orthopedic surgeon I consulted. I was also told that due to my 70+ age either I have to live with it or get injections, painkillers or knee replacement. I negated on all of them as I want to get back to my hiking and biking activity which I enjoy most in my life. Did a Google search and found Dr. Christian Oberheide close by and never looked back. My pain eased within 5 sessions and flexibility of my knee returned to almost normal. Very much impressed and influenced by the positive attitude of the doctor and his staff. I highly recommend him to all chronic orthopedic pain patients."

-Srirama D.

I Am For Ever Thankful

"This was a miracle almost it feels. Finding wellness first. The magnitude and consistency of my headaches were life-altering. It was to the point I was tear bound, broken up when explaining to the doctor how miserable I am 5 out of 7 days between headaches and stiff necks or both. My mood, confidence, responsibilities, and self-worth all neglected and after one visit I was 10 times better. Haven't been able to look both directions for months and months without discomfort and now I can again. After several visits, I feel so much better, almost like born again. I'm forever thankful and will visit wellness first on a regular basis."

-Nicholas G.

Friendly Staff

"Unbelievably friendly staff, most remembered my name when I went back a week later!. The realignments with Dr. Chris were weird and a little scary, but I felt so much better walking out. Medicines are not an option for my fibro, and I was skeptical at first, but after the first visit I would recommend this place to anyone!"

-Kristi P.

Really Pleasant

"I felt confident and hopeful during the first visit that Dr. Chris was going to be able to help me with the foot issues that I've been having for almost a year. After two sessions, it is feeling better than it's felt in what seems like forever! I should have gone to see him sooner! Marcy is so friendly and welcoming! The office is nice, clean and everyone is really pleasant to be around!"

-Brittany B.

Looking Forward To Feeling The Results

"I have high hopes that Dr. Chris will help me. I have had a hip problem for many years and always felt it was muscular. Recently I was told I need hip replacement surgery. I've struggled being heard about the muscular problems. In my first visit, I learned some things about muscle structure I've never heard. Dr. Chris not only listened, he heard what I was saying and I'm looking forward to feeling the results of his work!"

-Karla G.

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