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More Testimonials

  • Great first visit, already feeling better!!

    - James S.
  • You have helped me tremendously, I feel better now than I have in years. Thank you and I look forward to a continued relationship!

    -Michelle I.
  • Fantastic practice, have been to many other chiropractors in different states and this is by far one of the best ever.

    - Andy W.
  • Everyone was very friendly and very informative. I was amazed at how many services are offered and how helpful everyone was. Service was top notch.

    - Elaine K.
  • Everything has been great!  I feel very comfortable as every person there has been polite and helpful.

    -Katie F.
  • Great experience, will be a loyal customer!

    - Tessa M.
  • Dr. Chris and the entire staff treated me great. This is the best experience going to a doctor that I’ve had in a very long time. Now I see why he’s so busy because he doesn’t rush he takes his time and explains until you understand. I am looking forward to my next visit, thank you everybody.

    -David Z.
  • Very professional and compassionate staff.

    -Gloria S.
  • So happy I came here!

    -Deborah M.
  • Dr. Chris and his staff are very down to earth and so unassuming. I felt very comfortable in the environment. I am looking forward to getting better.

    - Tracey S.
  • I feel so much better now. I have almost maximum flexibility in both my neck and knee. I am walking normally again. Thank You.

    - Michelle F.
  • Great overall experience! Very knowledgeable staff! Excited for my results!

    - Brian L.
  • Thanks, Dr. O for your sensitivity, consideration, and talent. My back and neck haven’t felt this good in years!

    - Tina P.
  • I used to take 5 or 6 Advil a day for back pain and headaches… I don’t take any! Thank you for your excellent service!

    - Charles C.
  • Very relaxing and pleasant place! Loved Trish the massage was fantastic and the overall experience was very informational!

    - Renee P.


Able To Stand Taller

“I have not been able to walk this upright or stand straight in years. You were all literally answered prayers, Thank you for listening and diagnosing me with the problems. And assisting in my health care needs and putting me on the road to real hope, a healthy recovery regards to my back, spine, pelvic region(hips). I”m still recovering but still feel better than I have in years. My spine is straight for now and left sciatic is healing. I will be in for a checkup as soon as I am able to drive further and also will continue the massages it helps in treating my fibro. Thank you again, doctor. All the staff are amazing, even though when I arrived for my appointments and I was in so much pain I could hardly concentrate I was treated with compassion, dignity, and understanding and actually listened too. Thank you all, God Bless!”

-Joy R – V.

Fantastic Place

“This place is fantastic. Everyone is incredibly nice and genuinely cares about how you are doing. The staff is personable and remembers everyone by name. It is very welcoming, and even though you may leave from some of the massages a little achy, you will feel fantastic the next day. As a resident of Chicago, the drive is long, but definitely worth it.”

-Adam G.

Following Car Accident I Can Move Pain Free

“A car accident left me with pain and spasms and pins and needles in my low back and hip area. I am now off all of my pain medication and I can move around pain-free.”

– Robert S.

Pain Nearly Went Away

“Before I came to Oberheide Chiro and Wellness I was in a lot of pain and had a hard time walking. One session and the pain nearly went away. I couldn’t believe how quickly he could help. I’m so grateful.”

-Sara H.

Completely Satisfied

“I have been using Dr. Oberheide’s services for several years. I am completely satisfied with my results and am happy to recommend Dr. Oberheide. Thank you for all of your help.”

-Richard P.

Helped My Extreme Lower Back Pain

“My first visit was for extreme lower back pain, with shooting pains down the left leg from time to time. By the third visit, I was nearly pain-free – plus a bonus! In the third visit a neck adjustment was made, and for the first time in nearly 20 years I had a full range of motion in my neck, and I was able to turn my head fully in both directions. Thank you Dr. Oberheide.”

-Sam D.

Treatment Is Gentle Yet Effective

“We have been to probably 10 different chiropractors over the last 15 years. We noticed after the third treatment that you were the best that we had to treat us. Your treatment is so gentle but so very effective. It really works, quickly. Thanks.”

-Mike and Trisha.

Energy Levels Through The Roof

“My energy levels are through the roof! I feel that Dr. Oberheide really cares about my health and I would encourage EVERYONE to see for themselves!”

-Laura M.

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